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Noache Pills Healwell


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Healwell Noache Pills

Different types of headache with nausea vomiting.

Indications of Healwell Noache Pills

  • Body pain,inflammation is an indication for the pills.
  • Headache,migraine
  • Muscular pain, Neuralgia is relieved with Healwell Noache Pills
  • It relieves intense throbbing or a pulsating sensation in one part of the head or severe headaches in general.

Action of Ingredients in Healwell Noache Pills

Cimicifuga racemosa:  It lessens the frequency and force of the pulse, soothes pain. Pains like electric shocks here and there. Shooting and throbbing pains in head after mental worry, over-study. 

Gelsemium semp. 3x: General prostration. Dizziness, drowsiness, dullness, and trembling. Heaviness of head, Dull, heavy ache, with heaviness of eyelids; bruised sensation headache, with muscular soreness of neck and shoulders. 

Spigelia 6x: Complaints of pain associated with pain and stiffness of eyelids. Slight giddiness with tendancy to tremor when standing in erect position. 

Dosage of Healwell Noache Pills

1 to 2 tablet 3 or 4 times a day

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