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Omeo Diabetes drops


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A Homoeopathic Speciality product to Balance your Blood Sugar levels. 

  • Increased thirst, increased appetite and frequent urination.
  • Excessive excretion of urine.

Crataegus oxyacantha:  Produces giddiness, lowered pulse, and air hunger and maintains blood-pressure.                   

Abroma augusta: Excessive thirst with dryness of mouth. Patient suffers from insomnia and prostration, and patient is averse to do any physical and intellectual labour.                       

Acidum phosphoricum: Frequent urination at night. Phosphaturia.  Cramps in upper arms and wrists. Great debility.                 

Syzgium jambolanum: Prickly heat in upper part of the body; small red pimples itch violently. Great thirsts, weakness, emaciation.                       

Cephlandra indica: Bilious complainants, boils and carbuncles. Profuse urination, giddiness. Weakness & exhausation after urination. Excessive dryness of mouth with great thirst.                            

Gymnema sylvestre: Blood sugar regulation and glucose metabolism. The active components responsible for lowering glucose are the gymnemic acids.                            

Helonias dioica: Albuminous, phosphatic urine, profuse and clear, saccharine. High Blood sugar levels.


10 to 15 drops in little water before every meal four times a day or as described by the physician. 


30 ml glass bottle

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