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Omeo ear drops


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Omeo ear drops by Bjain

Omeo ear drops

Ear is known as the balancing organ of the body. A very common symptom observed relating to ear troubles is earache. Earache is described as ache or pain in the ear and is also known as Otalgia. Pain in the ear can be because of the problems occurring either locally in the ear or are referred from remote areas. Single or both the ears can be affected. Causes of earache Local causes - Furuncle, Impacted wax, Otitis media, Eustachian tube obstruction, Mastoiditis. Referred cause - Pain in the ear can be referred because of problems occurring in near by areas. Conditions such as caries, impacted molar, apical abscess, ill-fitting denture, ulcerative lesions of oral cavity or tongue, osteoarthritis (tempero - mandibular joint), throat infections etc. can cause referred pain in the ear. OMEO EAR DROPS


Each 5ml contains

Calendula officinalis Ø 0.30ml

Verbascum thapsus Ø 0.10ml

Mezereum Ø 0.02ml

Resorcinum 1X 36.0mg

Acidum boracicum 1X 10.0mg

Glycerine q.s.

Aqua distillate q.s.

Alcohol content 3.7%v/v


Otalgia (ear pain) with sense of obstruction

Action of omeo ear drops:

• Antiseptic, Disinfectant.

• Arrests fermentation and putrefaction.

Points to remember:

• Verbascum thapsus- Oil of Mullein (Ver. ol.) relieves earache at once. Verb. is said to meet many cases of deafness. Sensation of a stoppage of ears (first left, then right, also of nose and larynx) when reading aloud; hearing unaffected.

• Resorcinum - Used as an antiseptic disinfectant

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