Omeo Flu tablets Bjain 25 gram


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Omeo Flu tablets Bjain 25 Grams 

Omeo Flu tablets Bjain Indicated in Hay Fever and seasonal Flu

Indications of B Jain Omeo Flu Tablets

Bodyache, Chills, Nose Bloackage, watery discharge from the nose and eyes.

Composition of B Jain Omeo Flu Tablets

each Tablet of 250 mg contains

Aconite 3x:   Useful for high rise of temperature with sudden violent onset, after exposure to cold, dry wind. Restlessness. During the early stages of an Illness.  

Bryonia 3x:  Chill with external coldness, dry cough, stitches. Internal heat. Sour sweat after slight exertion. Easy, profuse perspiration. 

Eupatorium 1X:   Perspiration relieves all symptoms except headache. Chill between 7 and 9 am, preceded by thirst with great soreness and aching of bones.  

Gelsemium 3x:   Sneezing; fullness at root of nose. Watery, excoriating discharge. Acute coryza, with dull headache and fever.   

Ipecac 3x:   Intermittent rise of temperature, Irregular cases, after Quinine. Slightest chill with much heat, nausea, vomiting, and dyspnea. Relapses from improper diet. 

Phosphorus 6x:   Chronic catarrh, with small hemorrhages; handkerchief is always bloody.   

Eucalyptus 2x:  Stuffed up sensation in nose, Considerable coryza ; cold in head.Thin, watery coryza. Chronic catarrh of nasal passages, even when purulent and fetid.   

Directions of use of B Jain Omeo Flu Tablets

Adults more than  12 years old- 2 tablets 4 times a day

Children less than   12 years old 2tablets 2 times a day or as prescribed by the physician

Medicine should be taken 10 minutes before or after meals. 

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