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Omeo slim drops


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Omeo slim drops By Bjain

Omeo slim drops speciality product to reduce weight.


 For the tendency to gain weight due to faulty activity of the glandular secretion.


 Calcium carbonicum Hahnemann 12X 10% v/v
Croton tiglium 4X 10% v/v
Fucus vesiculosus 2X 10% v/v
Graphites 12X 10% v/v
Natrum sulphuricum 2X 10% v/v
Spongia tosta 3X 10% v/v
Excipients: q.s.
Alcohol content 46% v/v

Action and indications of the ingredients of Omeo slim drops :
Calcium carbonicum Hahnemann: Fatness without fitness.
Fucus vesiculosus: This remedy is highly spoken of in the reduction of obesity.
Graphites: It affects the nutrition in a peculiar way; it is a remedy for those persons who have a tendency to put
on unhealthy fat.


 Omeo slim drops 15-20 drops 3 times a day or as directed by the physician


Omeo slim drops is available in 30 ml pack

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