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Prostokare tablets


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Prostokare Tablets  by Lords

Prostokare tablet is  A Homoeopathic speciality product to relieve the symptoms of enlarge prostate.


Benign Protatic Hyperplasia, Prostatitis, Prostatodynia


Chimaphila umbellata 3x 75 mg, Ferrum picric  3X 25 mg, Dioscorea 3X 30 mg, hydrangea aboroscens 3X 20 mg, Pareira brava 6X 40 mg, sabal serrulata 3x 60 mg, staphysagria 3x 75 mg, thuja occidentalis 3x 80 mg Excipients: qs to 550 mg


Take Prostokare 1-2 tablets 3 times or as directed by physician.


Prostokare is available in 2x15 tabs pack

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