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Renal Forte Drops Wheezal


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Renal Problems

Other Indication

  • To help maintain blood urea and serum creatinine level
  • Help to control hyper and hypotension, weakness and fatigue
  • Help the body mechanism to abate kidney disorder.

Action of Composition used

  • Urea Pura 3x: Albuminuria, High blood sugar, uremia. Urine thin and of low specific gravity.
  • Eel Serum 6x: The presence of albumin and renal elements in the urine. Whenever the kidney becomes acutely affected, either from cold or infection or intoxication, and the attack is characterized by oliguria, anuria and albuminuria. 
  • Solidago Virg 3x: Scanty, reddish brown, thick sediment, dysuria, gravel. Pain in region of kidneys, with dysuria. Kidneys sensitive to pressure.
  • Ichthyolum 3x: Increased urine in quantity and frequency. Burning pain in meatus. Uric acid deposits. Its action on kidney is prominent.
  • Pilocarpus Micro 3x: Pain in region of kidneys, with dysuria. Kidneys sensitive to pressure. 


15-20 drops to be taken 3 to 5 times in a day or as prescribed by the physician.

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