Rheumacin Liniment

Rheumacin Liniment

New Life

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Rheumacin Liniment By New Life

Rheumacin Liniment For Joint Pain to use external

for join pains,muscular stiffness,sciatica, sprains, stiff neck, injuries.

  • New Life Rheumacin Liniment is useful to relieve the complaints of acute and chronic muscular  sprains, Injuries, 

  • It relieves the swelling, joint pains, tenderness, backache, rheumatic pains

  • New Life Rheumacin Liniment helps in lumbago, gout, sciatica, spondylitis, spinal pain.

  • It relieves the stiffness, neck pains.


Apply on the affected area by cotton swab or fingers softly or as directed by physician.

CAUTION: Don't  apply on cuts, burns, wounds, scalp, eyes face. Keep out reach of children.


50ml  bottle.

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