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SBL Bio Combination 11


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It is an effective combination of bio-chemic salts to manage fever due to inflammatory or suppurative conditions. Febrile conditions associated with initial inflammatory conditions, and sudden rise in temperature and in conditions that tend towards suppuration are generally covered in mild febrile conditions. The allergic rhinitis is caused due the seasonal allergies during the spring and fall season or outdoor allergens like pollen. The cigarette smoke chemicals and pollution and strong perfume smell affects the rhinitis making it worse.

  • Reduces the increased risk of having asthma or atopic eczema
  • Controls the sneezing, runny, stuffy and itchy nose
  • Recovers the throat from sore and scratchy coughing
  • Removes the undereye dark circles and itchy watery eyes
  • Takes control of frequent headaches and feeling of excessive fatigue

Reduces the inflammation, violent thirst which increases with temperature of the body with blisters


Ferrum phosphoricum

Kali muriaticum

Kali sulphuricum

Natrum muriaticum

 Natrum sulphuricum


Take 4 tablets three to four times a day and for children,1 to 2 tablets 4 times a day or as directed by the physican.


25 gram glass bottle



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