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Spondalo drop Wheezal


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Cervical spondylosis

Other Indications

  • Pain in cervical region
  • Headache associated with pains.

Action of composition used

Ruta.g 3x:  Backache better pressure and lying on back, Lumbago worse morning before rising. Pain in nape, back and loins. All parts of the body are painful, as if bruised, Sprains. 

Rhus. Tox 6x:  Hot, painful swelling of joints. Pains tearing in tendons, ligaments. Rheumatic pains spread over a large surface at nape of neck, loins, and extremities; better motion 

Hypericum 1x:  Darting pain in shoulders. Tingling, burning pain, numbness, Cramp in calves. Pain in toes and fingers 

Kalmia. Lat 2x:  Weakness, numbness, pricking, and sense of coldness,  Pain from neck down arm; in upper three dorsal vertebra extending to shoulder-blade.

Paris Quad 3x :  heaviness, weight; neck; like weight upon neck; back pain and pressing in neck area.

Dulcamara 3x: Stiff neck. Pain in small of back, as after long stooping. Stiffness and lameness across neck and shoulders, after getting cold and wet.


10 to 15 drops in 1/4th cup of water before meals or as prescribed by the physician.

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