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Super Hair Care Tablets Bios


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Super Hair care By Bios

Super Hair care For Hairfall & Premature Greying 

is a unique formulation that is well known for its curative, restorative and protective properties, created to counteract the  effects of environment pollution and cater to modern demands, a powerful glandular stimulant and a very efficient diaphoratic, it enriches hair growth and pigmentation, useful & effective in growth of hair and prevent greying, falling of hair & baldness.


Super Hair care by Bios indicated in:-

A specific medicine to check the falling of hair due to some cause in men women and children,  it also prevent the loss of hairs in bunches while combing. Prevent falling of hair due to childbirth, mental exertion, severe and long illness.


Super Hair care By Bios contains:

Each one tablet 325 MG contains

Kali sulph 3x

lycopodium 3x


Wiesbaden 3x


Super Hair care By Bios 25 gram

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