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Tuberculinum 1M Boiron 20 ml


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Tuberculinum 1M By Boiron

Tuberculinum 1M Boiron 20 ml.


Tuberculinum is indicated in renal affections, but caution is necessary, for where skin and intestines do not perform normally even high potencies are dangerous. In chronic cystitis, brilliant and permanent results (Dr. Nebel Montreux).

Of undoubted value in the treatment of incipient tuberculosis. Especially adapted to the light-complexioned, narrow-chested subjects. Lax fiber, low recuperative powers, and very susceptible to changes in the weather. Patient always tired; motion causes intense fatigue; aversion to work; wants constant changes. When symptoms are constantly changing and well-selected remedies fail to improve, and cold is taken from the slightest exposure. Rapid emaciation. Of great value in epilepsy, neurasthenia and in nervous children. Diarrhœa in children running for weeks, extreme wasting, bluish pallor, exhaustion. Mentally deficient children. Enlarged tonsils. Skin affections, acute articular rheumatism. Very sensitive, mentally and physically. General exhaustion. Nervous weakness. Trembling. Epilepsy. Arthritis.


Dose of Boiron Acid Nitricum is as directed by physician


Acidum nitricum 1M Boiron is available in 20 ml 

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