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Tussikind mama natura schwabe

Dr. Willmar Schwabe India

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 For prompt and effective relief from cough and congestion in children

• Lowers irritation in larynx and trachea, promotes expectoration and controls cough

• Lowers constriction and pressure in bronchi and thereby relieves congestion

• Controls symptoms of wheezing, dysphonia and hoarseness

• Also relieves spasmodic and initial whooping cough symptoms.


Cough from bronchial catarrh

acute and chronic wheeze

Irritable cough

Initial symptoms of whooping cough.


Each tablet of 100 mg contains: 

Antimonium sulphuratum aureum 3x 10 mg

Bryonia alba 3x 10 mg

Drosera rotundifolia 3x 10 mg

Spongia tosta 3x 10 mg

Ipecacuanha 4x 10 mg

Excipients Q.S. 

Proven indications of the individual ingredients in the sphere of claimed action : 

Antimonium sulphuratum aureum : It lowers down tickling in larynx, promotes expectoration, eases respiration and lowers the constriction and pressure in the bronchi. Especially suited for winter cough, congestion in upper lobe and infective chronic nasal and bronchial catarrh. 

Bryonia alba: It is indicated for dry, hacking cough from irritation of upper trachea, difficult, quick respiration. In the second stage, there may be red coloured expectoration, tough and painful chest conditions. 

Drosera rotundifolia: It is indicated for dry, irritative and spasmodic cough with yellow expectoration. Hoarseness is prominent. It is a useful remedy for whooping cough. 

Spongia tosta: It is indicated for dry, barking, croupy cough, worse during inhalation. In this case, cough abates after eating or drinking. Respiration is short and difficult. The child feels suffocated and bronchial catarrh has prominent wheezing symptoms. 

Ipecacuanha: It is indicated for dyspnoea, constriction in chest, continued sneezing, coryza, whooping cough, suffocative cough, bubbling rales or clear rattling, croup, hoarseness and nausea. 


Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1 to 2 tablets hourly, 3 times per day over an extended period of time. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist. 

Side effects : No side effects of Tussikind are known. 

Contra-indications : No contra-indications for the use of Tussikind are known. 

Interactions : No interactions between Tussikind and other products are known. 

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