Hapdco Dermex Powder (100g)

Hapdco Dermex Powder (100g)


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About Hapdco Dermex Powder
Hapdco Dermex Powder heals various skin problems. It is helpful in erythema, ulcers, wounds, eczema, itching, cracks, fissures, eruption pustular, unhealthy skin, and rawness in the bend of limbs, groin, neck and behind ears.

Ingredient used in Hapdco Dermex Powder
Acidum Salicylicum, Acidum Benzoicum and Mentholum.

Benefits of Hapdco Dermex Powder
It heals skin burns, multiform erythema and hardness of skin
Treats itching vesicles, with burning pain
It is effective for dry and scaly skin
Heals skin burns, itching, scratching
Useful for open wounds, ulcers, superficial burns and scalds
Treats inflamed skin, acne and injuries, sensitive eruptions
Also treats burning, and itching in the body, and treats white vesicles too
How to use Hapdco Dermex Powder
Sufficient quantity to be applied gently on the affected area twice or thrice a day.

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