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Indication of Hapdco Verrocin Suspension

For Dysentry and Diarrhoea
All kinds of bacaterial and non bacterial diarrhoea.
Action of Ingredients used in Hapdco Verrocin Suspension
Atista Radix: This drug is proved to be effective in bilious complaints like nausea, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth, colicky pain around navel is the key note, and on this symptom it has helped in expulsion of worms.

Holarrhena Antidysenterica: Frequent loose stool with rumbling in abdomen with colicky pain in navel before stool. Stool mixed with profuse mucus. Weakness and exhaustion associated with loss of appetite.

Hydrocotyle Asiatica: Eructations frequent; Nausea. Swelling of stomach. Contraction; cramp-like pain. Sensation as if gases collected.

Colocynthis: Brown, watery stools after eating or drinking. Jelly like stools with musk like odour. Pain in the abdomen.

Nux vomica: Weight and pain in stomach, Constant uneasiness in rectum. Diarrhea, Urging to stool felt throughout abdomen with colicky pain.

Ferrum Phosphoricum: Diarrhoea during eating. Painless Diarrhoea.

Natrum Sulphuricum: Flatulency; wind colic, Stools involuntary, when passing flatus. Burning in abdomen and anus

Cynodon dactylon: Cramps in abdomen better after Stool. Gurgling in abdomen with flatulence better passing stool. Stool loose watery with tenesmus.

Emblica officinalis: Easy evacuation with easy passage of stools.

Kaolin: Appetite diminished, associated respiratory troubles with the complaints of croup and

Ammoniacum Gummi: Sensation of burning in the throat with desire to pass stool.

Directions of use of Hapdco Verrocin Suspension
Adults: 1 teaspoonful every 1/2 hour (3 doses minimum)the 1/2 teaspoonful every 2 hourly

Children: Same proportion with water or as directed by the physician

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