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Wheezal Calendula Nectar Powder


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This calendula nectar prickly heat powder from the house of Wheezal is composed of calendula Q, arnica M Q and cantharis. It can be used effectively for the treatment of prickly heat and heat rash accompanied with burning sensation and ITCHING of skin. It also helps in treatment of Dhobi itch and athletes foot. Its unique formulation helps to control skin infections and bossy odor by absorbing the sweat, leaving the skin dry and refreshed all day long. Powder is used for protects skin from skin infection with soothing and cooling effect. 

Benefits of Wheezal Calendula Nectar Powder

  • Prickly heat and rashes.
  • Bad odour due to perspiration.
  • Itching of skin, dhobi itch & athlete's foot.
  • Soothing and cooling effect in tropical conditions.
  • Leaves skin dry and refreshed all the day long.

Ingredients of Wheezal Calendula Nectar Powder

  • Calendula Q
  • Arnica Mont. Q
  • Cantharis Q
  • Berberis Aqui. Q
  • Hepar Sulph 3x
  • Acid. Boricum 2x
  • Zincum Oxidatum 2x
  • Talc Powder base I.P.

How To Use Wheezal Calendula Nectar Powder

  • Sprinkle over the affected area after cleaning.

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