Wormitab (25g) LDD Bioscience

Wormitab (25g) LDD Bioscience

LDD Bioscience

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LDD Bioscience Wormitab
There are several types of worms that can cause problems in children, including threadworm, roundworm, strongyloides, whipworm, hookworm, ascarides.

Indication of LDD Bioscience Wormitab
For Worms

Other Indications of LDD Bioscience Wormitab
Irritability and Crying in children, constipation.
Itching around anus with redness and at times mild fever.
Pain in abdomen.
Grinding of teeth.
Itching per rectum.
Abdominal distension.
Variable appetite.
Restless Sleep.
Action of Ingredients in LDD Bioscience Wormitab
Santoninum: It is of value remedy for worm diseases, as gastro-intestinal irritation, itching of nose, restless sleep, twitching of muscles. Ascaris lumbricoides, and thread worms, but not tapeworms.

Cina: Gets hungry soon after a meal. Itching of anus, an irritability of temper, variable appetite, grinding of teeth.

Teucrium marum verum 3x: Copious fetid evacuations of the consistence of pap, expulsion of ascarides.

Chenopodium: used frequently for hookworm and roundworm.

Filix Mas: A remedy for worm symptoms, especially with constipation. Tapeworm. Worm colic

Atista Indica: in cases of dysentery and worm complaints.

Sabadilla: Itching of anus, violent burning after scratching.

Spigelia: helps in expelling worms. Itching and crawling in the rectum.

Dosage of LDD Bioscience Wormitab
Adults: 2 tabs, 2 times a day.
Children(above 5 yrs): 1 tab, 2 times a day.
Children(below 5 yrs): 1 tab, once a day.

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