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Wormorid Drops by SBL

Wormorid Drops SBL a homoeopathy de-worming medicine.

SBL's Wormorid Drops is a well balanced composition of Homoeopathic medicines which acts as de-worming agents for all types of worms.


Indications of Wormorid Drops:

  • Pain in abdomen.
  • Grinding of teeth.
  • Itching per rectum.
  • Abdominal distension.
  • Variable appetite.
  • Fatigue.
  • Restless Sleep.

Composition of Wormorid:

Cina 3x: Gets hungry soon after a meal. Itching of anus, an irritability of temper, variable appetite, grinding of teeth. 

Teucrium marum verum 3x: Copious fetid evacuations of the consistence of pap, expulsion of ascarides. 

Chelone glabra Q: Debility from loss of tone of digestive organs, or liver or from worms. 

Filix mas 3x:  A remedy for worm symptoms, especially with constipation. Tapeworm. Worm colic 

Sabadilla 3x:  Children's diarrhea with constant cutting pains. Ascarides with spasmodic pain in stomach. 


Dosage/Directions for use of Wormorid Drops:

Infants: 5 drops, 3-4 times a day.

Children: 10 drops, 3-4 times a day.


Wormorid Drops SBL is available in 30ml pack

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