Zauber Hair Drops 30 ml

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Zauber™ hair drops are enriched with the most effective homoeopathic remedies known for their action to prevent hair loss and alopecia. Zauber™ drops are indicated in hair loss due to various causes. Its ingredients cover the characteristics of numerous conditions of hair fall. It covers a wide spectrum of hair fall and related symptoms as well as multiple causative factors.

Indications: Hair fall, hair loss and related complaints like dandruff, greasy hair, split hair, dry hair, tinea capitis, and premature greying of hair.


Each ml contains

Acidum phosphoricum - 3X10% v/v

Graphites - 5X10% v/v

Sabal serrulata - 3X10% v/v

Silicea - 6X10% v/v

Thuja occidentalis - 3X10% v/v

Alcohol content - 27% v/v


Proven indications of the individual ingredients in the sphere of claimed action:

Acidum phosphoricum: Hair turns grey or flaxen and falls out early in life. The hair becomes very greasy, and falls off; also the hair of the beard, especially after grief and sorrow. Thinning of hair. Hair falling since typhoid fever. General debility. Suitable to people with apathetic, indifferent, Problem in collecting his thoughts or find the right word.

Graphites: Hair of vertex, sides and beard turns grey early and falls out, with matted and brittle hair. Bald patches at the beard and chin. Complaints of hair in chilly and costive patients. 

Itching in the scalp. Humid scabs on the head, spreading, scurfy eruption on the top of the head, painful to the touch, as if from subcutaneous ulceration, and emitting a disgusting odour. Premature greying of hair.

Sabal serrulata: In a recent study, it was found effective in the treatment of hair fall due to its inhibiting the activity of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme involved in the conversion of the hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is indicated in the treatment of androgenic alopecia.

Silicea: Scalp sensitive to touch, even to the hat; resulting in tearing pains. Premature baldness. Hair falls when combed. Profuse sweat of head, offensive, and extends to neck. Falling off of the hair. Itching pustules and bulbous swellings on the hairy scalp and on neck; very sensitive to pressure, touch, and when lying on it; better when wrapping it up warm. 

Thuja occidentalis: Thin hair, grows slowly, splits and falls off. White scaly dandruff. Hair thin, grows slowly, splits; brittle, looks crimped. Hair becomes hard, dry, and lustreless, and falls out. Excessively painful tenderness of left side of the head, and also of the hair, at night, when lying down, and when touched. 

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